Tuesday, 20 February 2018

It Came From The Swamp

This week I continued writing a story about a robot, tried to write a script about a robot, and watched a film about a robot. I like robots.

But not like that.

I've been working on the big deathclaw-type monster that I started a while ago. I thought that he looked like something that had crawled out of a swamp, so I made him a suitable base. The base was built up a little with DAS Clay (I can never write that without hearing the synthesiser music to Das Boot), and the lower areas were painted dark green and washed with water effects. The tree came from the Nurgle tree set and the little pier was built out of coffee stirrers.

 The broken fence was made with bits of sprue for the poles with the plastic mesh from a bag of oranges stretched between them.

Here is the monster on his base. His right arm is slightly raised, and he's using it to knock the fence down. The model is quite static, and I think this gives him a nice sense of forward motion.

I painted him with a lot of washes over a white undercoat. It's a bit scrappy in places but overall I think it looks good. Seen from the side, he's quite long in the body. The bit of the conversion I like the least is the point where the carnifex legs meet the nurgle mid-section.

Overall, I'm pleased, especially with the washing technique, which is often a right mess. I also gave into temptation this week and purchased a barn and two sprues of plastic farm animals from Warlord Games. The barn is a good model, although not very interactive. I'm not sure what I'll use the animals for: perhaps the basis of a long-awaited Animal Farm Necromunda gang.

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Another Weirdo From The Wasteland

Things we have a lot of in the apocalypse:

Hair dye

Things we need:

Properly-fitting t-shirts

This week's painted model is a real oddity. It's from Sphere Wars, a Spanish game which seems to be discontinued. Sphere Wars made the Masalan Phallhounds that I picked up cheap at a wargames fair, and the rest of their sculpts are pretty good too. I've ordered some other weird bits and bobs from the only person on the internet who stocks them.

This lady is some kind of pirate, and was firing a big harpoon gun, which hid most of the front of her. I gave her dark eldar weapons and painted her in a colour scheme to reflect the not-Escher gang that I'd done. Given her primitive outfit, I reckon she would make a decent Ratskin Scout for the gang - and she has the added bonus of not wearing a dead rat on her head.


And here's a work in progress. This thing started as a Feculent Gnarlmaw, which is Age Of Sigmarese for "Nurgle tree" (Who comes up with these names?). It was £17 and, like a lot of GW's terrain, pretty decent value. Anyway, I've started to convert it/him into a greater daemon of Nurgle.

Trust me, it will look find in the end. Well, disgusting, but still fine.

Friday, 9 February 2018

Pictures from the Barbican

Recently, I went to a corporate event at the Barbican, in London. In case this makes me sound impressive, I should point out that, as far as the world of big business goes, I am more Winston Smith than Gordon Gecko. Anyhow, after learning about AI (in short, it's a rubbish film), I got the chance to take some pictures of the venue with my phone camera.

(Warning: arty talk to follow)

The Barbican has a large internal garden, protected by a massive conservatory-type roof. Here are a couple of shots.

What I find interesting about this is how overgrown it looks, and how the human elements seem to be getting swallowed up by the plants. You could make a terrific gaming table like this - although you'd still have to fit the miniatures in there somehow.

This picture looks like something from The Last of Us, where deserted cities have become overrun by vegetation.

The next two pictures struck me as interesting because of the industrial details. I could imagine them making good Necromunda terrain. Although the hive is supposed to be polluted and foul, it's probably more mutated than dead. I expect there is some pretty weird plant life down there. I particularly like the inevitable warning sign.

Nice pipes!

These last two pictures are of the inside of the Barbican. I thought they would make rather good (and oppressive) corridors. I could imagine one of the more impressive ministries in 1984 looking like this - except less clean.

Like having the city in a birdcage!

Anyhow, more miniatures shortly.

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Masked Avenger

Over the last year, I've been stockpiling old Carnivale models as if they were going to become some kind of post-apocalyptic currency ("I'll swap you two Venetian nobles for a toasted rat and a baseball cap").  I started this model ages ago but left it for more exciting conversions.

Anyway, this is a nobleman and gang leader. He's lead and very spindly, and it was hard to attach his weapons without them snapping off. He is mounted on a Wyrd base.

I was pretty pleased with the cloak, which, as with many things I've painted, looked excellent until I took a picture of it. Oh well, it's not bad here.

And here he is with his minions, Mr and Mrs Antoinette, ready for some kind of masked ball action.

Right then, I've got to get some work done - actual work that doesn't involve little lead people. See you soon.


Well, that didn't go very well. At least, I did some of the work, and then I found  a model I'd been meaning to make for at least a year, and so I started cutting and sticking again...

The model in question is a casualty model from the game Dead Man's Hand. He's meant to be lying on his back, but I think he looks really good pressing himself against a wall. Is he hiding or lying in wait?

Being little more than a fancy wound marker, he wasn't an amazing sculpt. Luckily, the resin was quite easy to cut. I used Green Stuff to rebuild one of his hands and his foot. The base is a Warlord one: I deliberately chose a lower base so that he'd look more like part of the scenery than a model that moves around.

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Just a bloke

Here's a metal Delaque ganger that I painted just because he was knocking around. He's on a Sedition Wars base.

Half cyberpunk, half used car salesman. That's it for now!

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Control Panels, Pumping Stations and Other Thrilling Stuff

A while ago, I ordered some resin control panels from Troll Trader, a Cornish company who sell good MDF buildings and seem to own the rights to Carnivale. The panels came with two larger terminals. I painted the first terminal this week, and it's come out quite well.

I've had some bits knocking around in the bits box (more accurately, one of several vats of bits) for ages, and I decided to combine them to make some vaguely industrial scenery. In order to stop things becoming too monochrome, I followed the lead of Fallout 4 and used bright colours, but tried to age them.

I think this thing is some sort of water purifier. It still works well, and it's been several hundred days since the last accident, unless you count people dumping the bodies of their enemies in the top. The pipes and sludge pool on the roof are a Secret Weapon base. It's a great bit of sculpting, but I've got no idea where the miniature is supposed to go on it. The control panel on the front is one of the ones that I got from Troll Trader.

And here's a rear view. That sticky-out bit came from a zoid - goodness knows what it does, of course.

Thursday, 25 January 2018

The Zombie Master

Once, Varricus Vaughn was a commissar of the Imperial Guard: murderously brutal, tactically incompetent and almost certainly destined for a place on the general staff. Vaughn was appointed to the Necromundan guard, and trusted with keeping order during an outbreak of the zombie plague. One night, after too many glasses of Amasec, Vaughn flew into a rage. Cursing the cowardice of his men and the Astra Militarum's poor grasp of Latin grammar, Vaughn strode off into plague zombie territory, promising to teach the undead a lesson. Wrongly.

Vaughn staggered back two days later, white-skinned and red-eyed. He had not so much lost the plot as thrown the plot in the bin and set the bin on fire. The sentries, used to terrified obedience, allowed Vaughn to enter the compound. In Vaughn's wake there lurched a hundred zombies. When Vaughn broke camp the next morning, the bodies of his former soldiers stumbled behind him.

Since then, Vaughn has carved himself a small empire in the wastes. After defeating the notorious lord of the dead Scrofulus Pump in a close-fought shuffle-off, he won the right to dub himself The Zombie Master, and has been lurking in the wasteland ever since. It is said that he is biding his time, gathering his malodorous minions until he can join forces with the other lords of the undead and dine out on the living in style.

Varricus Vaughn was made out of two-thirds of an old Commissar Yarrick model that I got off ebay for £3. In an attempt to make Vaughn look more like a cartoon vampire and less like a cartoon Nazi, I sliced off the head and replaced it with an elf head. I added the arm from a tempestus scion and made a backpack-thing  from the axe-blade of a Khorne person. He was inspired by a character called Karloth Valois in the Necromunda supplement, Outlanders.

Of all the GW publications I own, the Outlanders supplement for Necromunda is, word for word, probably about the most entertaining. It was written at the height of GW's "gaudy period", where bright red was the colour of choice and a miniature wasn't right until it had some warning stripes. But I shouldn't be too cynical: Outlanders is full of entertaining text and Mark Gibbons' comic-style artwork, and is the closest that GW got to 2000AD.

The rulebook contains rules for outlaws, several crazy new gangs, special characters and (my favourite) a bestiary. I like bestiaries. This one includes some predictable creatures (zombies, giant rats) and some surprises (giant sand clams). It also has rules for some special characters, including Valois himself. I doubt that I'll ever use any of them, but it would be fun to make my own versions of them all.